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Fitness for Free Spirits!

All you free spirits out there - don’t fret, fitness is also for you! What if you really want to get moving but can’t stand the idea of a super-structured training plan? Good news - fitness doesn’t have to crush your soul, and it absolutely shouldn’t!

It might help to reframe fitness. How about we call it movement instead? Googling #intuitivemovement might help you find your tribe.

What’s the deal with intuitive movement? Well, at heart, it’s about listening to your body, and choosing the movement that most appeals to you. Over a season or a lifetime, it’s about choosing movement activities that make your heart sing. Over the course of a training cycle (if you’re so inclined), it’s about elevating your enjoyment of your workouts over the grind of a strict training plan.

Many of us come to movement because it energizes us, clears our heads, makes us feel strong and capable, provides some me-time, reduces stress and anxiety, ensures better sleep, and gets us out into the beautiful world with our friends. If this is you - you’re training for happiness, not the Olympics. Thus - there’s no need to train like an Olympian!

How can you get moving in a way that feels good to you on a given day?

  • In the morning, do a quick body scan, checking in from your toes to your nose, and with your energy. Ask yourself, what does my body need today? What type of movement do I feel like doing?

  • During your workout/exercise/movement, check in again. On a scale from 1-10, how hard does this movement feel? If the number is higher than you expect given your effort, perhaps you could scale back a bit to match your available energy. If the number is lower than you expect, you might find a bit more effort invigorating!

  • After your workout, check in yet again with your body and your energy. Do you feel as you hoped you would? Energized, pleasantly worked, limber, warm? If so, great! If not - great! This is information, not failure. You’re running an experiment to see what works for you.

Give it a whirl and let me know how it goes in the comments below! Or... schedule a free Inspiration Conversation with me if you need the supportive oomph of a #haes-friendly, motivation-obsessed health coach to get started.

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