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a woman in midlife struggling to add enjoyable movement back into your days, or a lapsed mover wanting to return to your favorite hobbies?
Perhaps you’ve been waylaid by family responsibilities, a busy career, a health issue – or simply a season of life in which it was difficult to prioritize movement, or yourself!
My passion is helping women create enjoyable, sustainable movement practices that make you feel energized, focused, mentally calm, and more connected to your community and environment.  I believe that movement is the thing that lights our fire, lubricates our joints, and makes us happy and healthy people!

How does health coaching work?

We start with a free, 30 minute Inspiration Conversation in which we discuss your goals,

shine a light on the barriers that prevented previous success, and discern whether we work well together!

Ray of Light
Ray of Light

Assuming we're a good fit, we'll...

Discover your movement preferences and set achievable 3-6 month goals.


Build your movement practice.  We’ll celebrate your progress and build motivation!


Sustain your practice by connecting you to the outdoors and local community.

Blue Skies

What to expect

Some women need just a focused, 1 hour session to get moving.  Most women find that 6-12 sessions of compassionate coaching, attention to mindset, and science-backed behavior change support enables them to flourish!


A single 60 minute, online session is $150. 

Package discounts are available.

Blue Sky

Important things to know...

Ceiling: Unlimited Health Coaching philosophy rests on 3 principles.

Joyful Movement – If it’s not fun, why do it?  Enjoyable movement makes us want to return again and again to the practices that make us feel good.  My primary goal is to help women enjoy moving, enjoy their bodies, and enjoy being in the world.  That’s all!
Health at Every Size – Bodies of all sizes are capable of being healthy and fit.  At Ceiling: Unlimited, we encourage women to find the movement practices that make them happiest and feel their best, on their own terms.  We do not encourage weight loss goals or food restriction. 
All Movement Counts is the radical idea that ANY intentional movement can benefit your health.  There are often resources immediately at hand to create beneficial movement throughout the day.  You do not need special equipment, a gym membership, an expensive class, a personal trainer, or an ambitious long-term goal to be a happy, healthy mover.  The intention of All Movement Counts is to give ownership of your body and your movement back to YOU.
If this sounds like a breath of fresh air, perhaps we should chat!

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