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Why on EARTH would you sign up for an ONLINE 5k running group during the SUMMER?!

You want to be able to run at a time and in whatever place is convenient for you, but still want the running and mindset education a training group provides.

You have a busy summer ahead – kids underfoot, work, vacations – but want to kickstart your fitness and need a flexible program.

You love the solitude of running on your own (and the lack of pressure to run at someone else’s pace!) but desire the shared experience and accountability of fellow beginner runners…

You’ve tried running apps or other programs but really wished you had an actual coach to consult with.

You want to get started right now, and don’t want to wait until groups start up again in the fall!

You're in luck! The solution is...

Logo for Ready Set Run

Most online 5k running programs are just a training plan that might coordinate with an app. If you’re lucky, there will be some sort of virtual community for you to connect with – but those runners will be at all different stages of the plan. And if you want the attention of a coach, or advice on running form, nutrition, gear - you’ll have to pay extra.

Ready, Set, Run is a virtual 8 week, coached women’s training group, designed to safely and comfortably build your mileage and confidence so that you can run your first 5k by the end of the summer, and be motivated to continue running for life!

The heart of Ready, Set, Run is the education and community provided by our weekly Zoom meeting, led by RRCA-certified running coach Michelle Poirot, and attended by your fellow beginner woman runners! Together, we’ll move through a well-tested 5k training plan, and cover both the foundational running information and mindset magic you need to be a happy, successful runner.

We know you’re super busy, so all Wednesday evening meetings will be recorded so you can listen – or listen again! - at your convenience. We’ll have coaching office hours at times convenient for the group so that you can get your questions answered or just get some encouragement. We’ll have a lively online Slack group of fellow midlife women – all of whom start Ready, Set, Run at the same time – for the posting of cat memes, sharing summery cocktail recipes, complaining about perimenopause, and… oh yes, sharing successes, learnings (never failures!), and pix from our runs!

In-person training groups are indeed awesome – but we think you’ll find Ready, Set, Run the perfect solution for your summer fitness!


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