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The Winter Warm-Up Daily Movement Challenge: WHO will benefit, WHY you should sign up, HOW it'll work, and what RESULTS you can expect!

Updated: Feb 9

Who is the Winter Warm-Up Challenge for?

  • all of us who struggle to stay motivated to move through winter, who don't want to wait for the end of winter to start moving gently, on our own terms

  • women and men who are returning to movement after an break, or who are experimenting with movement for the first time

  • folks new-ish to town who want to meet outdoor activity partners, and get to know a few new places to walk or run

  • walkers and runners who want to grow consistency and stamina by challenging themselves to a particular mileage in a month (30 miles over 30 days?), or a daily duration (10, 30, 60 minutes a day? You choose!)

  • anyone who wants to maintain their existing movement practice AND integrate some new, fun movement activities!

  • future runners who want to feel ready for Learn to Run Bend, which starts on 3/16

  • folks who know they’re better motivated by community, particularly if there are snacks after!

Why would you join the Winter Warm-Up Challenge?


Winter fitness is hard! The cold, bad roads, blocked trails, unpredictable weather, and early darkness make our usual movement practices and routines feel impossible.


You already know you feel better when you move regularly.  The Winter Warm-Up, facilitated by a Duke University-trained health coach - AKA yours truly!, will give you the tools, encouragement, and community to help you start and keep moving!

How does the Winter Warm-Up Challenge work?

  • You’ll craft a fun and realistic month of activities from the movement you already do and what you’d like to try.

  • We’ll learn how the radical idea that All Movement Counts flings open the doors to more enjoyable and sustainable daily movement!

  • We’ll be thoughtful about each day’s movement using an insightful evaluatory tool. 

  • We’ll deliberately create community and celebration through in-person opening and closing shindigs, and weekly walk/runs on Wednesdays.

  • We’ll be available to each other online via a private Slack group to share motivation, silliness, and more throughout the week.

The result?


You’ll feel fabulous in your body and about your consistency after a month of daily movement!


You’ll be in great shape for whatever movement adventures await you in the spring!


Your relationship with movement will be reinvigorated, sustainable, and enjoyable!

Ready to sign up? Go here!

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