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All Movement Counts!

Updated: Feb 8

All Movement Counts is the idea that ALL movement makes a difference in your health.

You don't need any of the following for your movement to count!

You don't have to have an expensive gym membership.

You don't have to have dedicated workout clothes.

You don't have to sweat!

You don't have to get up at 5am.

You don't have to aim for some idealized, impossible body shape.

You don't have to hurt, be sore, "feel the burn", or adopt a no pain, no gain masochistic mindset.

You don't have to have a big, epic, long-range goal.

You don't have to have a personal trainer or coach, or be in a class or training group.

You don't have to run a 5K straight through without stopping.

You don't have to track your workouts on a fitness watch or app.

You don't have to have weights or any special equipment.

You don't have to workout at 100% at every session.

You don't have to restrict your eating.

All Movement Counts wrests movement back from the fitness industrial complex that tells us we must concede authority over our bodies to experts (and 'experts') and PAY to be healthy.

All Movement Counts returns authority to the mover herself, and recognizes the fact that even the smallest (funnest, most enjoyable, convenient, etc!) amount of physical activity improves health!

By way of example, ALL of this counts!

Chasing your 5 year old around the living room

Lifting a bag of dog food (or your dog!) into the car

Going for a walk or jog with a friend

Stretching on the floor

An easy, online restorative yoga class in your bedroom

Endless dishwasher loading and unloading during the holidays!

Carting your huge load of Costco groceries into the house

Practicing a tai chi sequence

Kitchen-dinner-preparation dance party

Housework - taking the trash out, changing beds, scrubbing tubs, etc

Nurturing your garden, hauling yard debris!

Hitting the club and dancing your ass off with your friends.

Hopping on a swing at the local park.

You might choose to move to clear your head, boost your energy, improve your focus, decrease your stress, enjoy moving with others, to feel good in your body, or for no purpose beyond the enjoyment of movement itself in the moment. No matter the kind or duration or effort, all movement will bring a greater degree of health.

Finding movement you enjoy and can do easily will make it more likely that you'll return for more and thus see increasing health gains - so go forth, experiment, and trust yourself to find movement that you like!

Put this into action with support through my Winter Warm-Up Daily Movement Challenge, starting 2/18!

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