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The River Reach Project - Details!

Includes: 12 week training plan, 2 in-person workouts a week, 1 1-on-1 coaching session with Michelle.

Dates: 2/13/22 to 5/1/22. Thursday nights at 6pm; Sundays at 7 or 8am, TBD.


Thursday - shorter workouts, usually running-oriented, 75 minutes total time together.

Sunday - adventure day! Run, walk, hike, xc ski, snowshoe, and whatever else! Longer adventures may require a 4-5 hour time commitment. Moving time/mileage will range depending on activity.

Minimum physical requirement: Members must be able to comfortably run a 5K on 2/13.

Final event: running/walking/hiking 13ish miles on the McKenzie River Trail on 5/1. Lots of support/lunch/espresso?! along the way.

My goals for group members:

Experiment with different kinds of movement, build a sustainable movement practice, learn to trust yourself to know how and when you need to move, eat, hydrate, rest, gain confidence and community through achievement of a big goal with other awesome humans.

Training with a group provides:

Community, accountability, training plan, confidence building adventure, challenge, intro to new movement and new places, support, JOY and silliness!

Clinic topics - suggestions welcomed!

Winter gear and safety, fueling AKA snacks!, goal setting, a compelling why?, #HAES, joyful movement, creating strong communities, sustaining motivation, mental toughness, navigation, recovery/rest…

Total cost: $600/person.

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