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Summer Movement Practicum

You're on a mission to kick ass at work, raise your kids, and give back.

You leverage your energy, passion, and time to change the world.

You've been caring for everyone else through the pandemic with little energy left for your own massive transitions -

career upheaval, relationship shift, the confounding changes of perimenopause.

You know that regular movement lifts your soul, clears your head, and makes your body feel better - but like most busy, career-driven women, you've found it hard to find and stick to a workout plan.

You might feel like:

you want to move regularly but struggle with motivation

you're burnt out on your usual workout routine and would like to experiment with new activities with other friendly beginners

your body has changed and you need to find a new jam

you're moving for the 1st time or in a long time and feel like you have to be an expert before you even start

you're new to town and need activity buddies

you're intimidated by the neighborhood Bendite-Olympian sprinting past your mailbox!

You want...

to find an exercise/workout that you actually ENJOY and will keep doing!

movement to be something that lights you up and superpowers your day

to be nourished by community and the outdoors

to appreciate and make peace with your body

You want the energy to MOVE MOUNTAINS.

Enjoying Nature

WOMEN MOVING MOUNTAINS Summer Movement Practicum will provide a supportive space among women where you'll be able to...

build your connection with and confidence in your body

experiment with new kinds of movement in the company of other friendly beginners

gently examine your past and present mindset around movement, fitness, and exercise

envision and enact your own sustainable 'movement practice'

How will we do this?

WOMEN MOVING MOUNTAINS is a 12 week movement practicum starting in late May 2022.  We’ll meet every week for the 1st 6 weeks, and then every other week for the 2nd 6 weeks.  In every meeting week, we’ll meet twice - once for a discussion group, and once for a movement activity. 

The entire group will convene on movement activity days.  To keep the discussion portion intimate, we’ll have two smaller groups of 4-8 women meeting at different times. 

We'll talk about:

Your movement practice as a tool for self-care, discovery, and general badassery

Making joyful and intuitive movement choices

The construction of your motivational toolkit - your vision, values, and support

Bringing clarity and compassion to your past experiences with movement, fitness, and exercise

Fortifying yourself against the toxic messaging of diet, fitness, and grind culture

Evaluating your movement experiences via a journaling practice

Putting your passion into action - stewarding movement communities and the local environment

Becoming a resilient mover with the confidence to try new things, shape your daily movement practice to your needs, energize the rest of your life, and inspire those around you

Movement experiments may include:

pickleball, Zumba, yoga, paddleboarding, kayaking, aquarobics, tai chi, bouldering/climbing, hiking, nature walks with cameras, running, gardening, a kettlebell class, mountain biking, roller skating, frisbee golf, a team sport like kickball... 

Suggestions are welcome!  What entices you?


Does the idea of joyful movement in community make your heart sing?  Here's what to do next!

Ready to sign up?  Go here.  I'll gather your contact info and give you a ring to get you dialed in!

Curious, and want more info?  Go here to register for the May 11th info meeting, on Zoom.  We'll record, so sign up even if you can't make it!

Want to chat directly with me?  Go here to schedule a chat at your convenience or drop me a line here.

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