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Who is Ready, Set, Run for?


Ready, Set, Run is maximized for busy, midlife women who REALLY want to get back into movement this summer and with lots of support – but who also need to work around busy work, family, and kid schedules!  We welcome all women and non-binary folks who would benefit from learning about mindset and physiology topics specific to the concerns of women in midlife.


Why online?  It’s summer!


It IS summer, glorious summer! And it would be really hard to squeeze any extra time commitments into your schedule, right?  This online class obliges you to be online on Wednesday evenings, only – you can schedule your running workouts whenever is convenient for you.  And – ALL our sessions will be recorded and posted ASAP, so if you need to miss a class, you’ll be able to catch up immediately.


How does this work?


The unique value of this class are the live, online weekly meetings with your RRCA-certified running coach and other aspiring beginner women runners.  During our live sessions, we’ll cover running and mindset topics that are best discussed in a group. 


Additionally, each week you’ll receive access to a new module of information, usually a short video and supportive materials.  I know you’re busy, so this ‘homework’ will only take you 10-30 minutes per week! 


You’ll follow an 8 week, beginner-friendly training plan that will allow you to comfortably and safely gain the stamina and mileage you need to run your first 5k by the end of the summer! 


Your time commitment per week will be no more than our online hour on Wednesdays, 3 20-45 minute workouts, and 30 minutes of ‘homework’.


Sound do-able?  Have worries?  Email me. 



Who the heck are you and why are you doing this?


I’m a running coach in Bend, Oregon with a passion for helping midlife women cross the finish line of their first 5K. 

I’ve been coaching beginner level 5K groups since 2013, and I taught a fully online 5K group during the pandemic that was wildly successful for reasons I never expected – participants LOVED the flexibility of being able to run where and when they wanted, but ALSO wanted accountability and community. 

Many of them relished running by themselves without the pressure of other runners around them.  They could run their own workouts, at their own pace, with their own music, where and when they wanted.  

As a coach who’d only coached in person, this blew my mind a little bit!  Summer is a GREAT time to learn to run, but training really needs to be flexible – hence, this online training group!

Ready to register?  Go here!

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