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Health Coaching



...A collaborative, client-centered process in which a client and coach kindle the client’s desires for change.  Within the structure and support of the coaching relationship, the client is encouraged to explore their goals and to create achievable action steps tailored to their circumstances. 

Clients benefit from the opportunity to focus fully on themselves, their needs, wishes, and goals.  Their increased clarity of vision and purpose allows them to create change with greater ease and sustained motivation.  Experiencing incremental successes on the path to a larger goal engenders confidence and self-efficacy.  Achieving health-related goals improves a client’s quality of life, and possibly longevity!

Health coaching is different from other types of coaching in that it gets at the big WHY of positive change, and teaches clients skills to maintain their progress.  With unconditional support from their coach, clients examine all facets of their lives, determine their underlying vision and values, and then align their lives accordingly .

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Michelle made the sessions informative and fun and taught me that we are all runners (fast or slow, long distances or short). I never felt uncomfortable or like I didn't belong in the group; it was so encouraging to see young and old with all different body types.

As a result of Michelle's class, I am starting to believe I may be capable of more than I ever dared to dream before.

Michelle is an inspiration, a motivator, and a believer in others. I aspire to be as kind, aware, and real as she is. I will be running my third 5k because of the inspiring words and realistic no-BS approach she had on our first training day.


Upcoming Events

  • Self-Massage: Recovery for Runners
    Nov 15, 2021, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM PST
    Learn a simple self-massage routine to help you recover faster after workouts and reduce soreness. Michelle Poirot is a runner, massage therapist, and health coach with Ceiling: Unlimited Health Coaching.