LTRB is beginner-centered training group just for brand new runners, long-lapsed runners, reluctant runners who are seeking a safe place to learn to run a 5K. (Are you a beginner runner?  Go here to find out!)

If you're ready to learn to run in the company of other beginning women runners on a similar journey with the unconditional support of a running and health coach, this group is for you. 

Learning to run is a means to the end of vibrant health, increased energy, greater confidence, and self-efficacy.  We'll cover important foundational running information, like running form, gear, and nutrition - but also subjects that will help you to move your body long after our class ends - like motivation, your big why, overcoming exercise reluctance, discovering joy in  movement, and more.

We'll take a few fun, local field trips to try out complementary movement experiences and to build strength and confidence outside of running!

Learn to Run Bend is a rich, comprehensive 5K training group experience in the supportive company of other beginner runners and your coach, who has 8 years and 16+ beginner level training groups under her belt!

Join us when you're ready to learn to run, and to learn to run Bend like a BOSS.  Our next group starts Saturday, 9/24.


You might:

be trying to run for the 1st time or in a long time and feel like you have to be an expert before you even start!

feel like you 'should' run/walk/move regularly but struggle with motivation

don't know how to get over the hump of starting - how to handle breathing, gear, nutrition, where to go, etc.

feel that your body has changed and you need to find a new jam

be new to town and need activity buddies

find yourself intimidated by the neighborhood Bendite-Olympian sprinting past your mailbox!


You want...

running to be an activity that you actually ENJOY and will keep doing!

movement to be something that lights you up and superpowers your day

to be nourished by community and the outdoors

to appreciate and make peace with your body


Learn to Run Bend will provide a supportive space among women where you'll be able to...

build your connection with and confidence in your body

experiment with running and kinds of movement in the company of other friendly beginners

gently examine your past and present mindset around movement, fitness, and exercise

envision and enact your own sustainable running and movement practice


How we'll get there!

Learn to Run Bend is a 10 week training program that meets in person 2x/week.  Running will be the framework, AND we'll intermittently experiment with other types of movement to boost strength, skills, and FUN.


We'll talk about:

Your running practice as a tool for self-care, discovery, and general badassery

Making joyful and intuitive movement choices

The construction of your motivational toolkit - your vision, values, and support

Bringing clarity and compassion to your past experiences with movement, fitness, and exercise

Fortifying yourself against the toxic messaging of diet, fitness, and grind culture

Evaluating your movement experiences in the company of others, and via your own journaling practice

Putting your passion into action - stewarding movement communities and the local environment

Becoming a resilient mover with the confidence to try new things, shape your daily movement practice to your needs, energize the rest of your life, and inspire those around you


Movement experiments may include:

Zumba, yoga, aquarobics, tai chi, bouldering/climbing, hiking, nature walks with cameras, a strength class,  roller skating, frisbee golf, etc.

Suggestions are welcome!  What kind of movement would enhance your running practice?


Does the idea of joyful running in community make your heart sing?  Here's what to do next!

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